Logistics and Toursim International Research Journal 2023-03-21T13:16:12+00:00 CIRD Publication Open Journal Systems <p><strong>Logistics and Tourism International Research Journal (LTIRJ)</strong> is an international Peer Review Open access scholarly journal that published theoretical and evidence based findings in the broad scope of logistics, transportation and tourism. <strong>LTIRJ as a scientific Journal was created to provide a global </strong>forum for an exchange of scientific achievements and implementations in the field of logistics, management and marketing. It publishes original and challenging work that has a clear applicability to the business world. High quality contributions are therefore welcomed from both academics and professionals working in the field of logistics and supply chain management. Papers should further our understanding of logistics and supply chain management and make a significant original contribution to knowledge.</p> IMPORTANCE OF FACILITIES AND CUSTOMER SERVICE ON LEISURE GUESTS’ CHOICE OF HOTELS: EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE FROM NIGERIA 2023-03-21T13:16:12+00:00 Chibueze Emmanuel Ogbunankwor Ogochukwu Christian Nwangene Nkoli Augustina Chendo <p>Hotel room revenue and occupancy rate have continued to experience exponential growth in contemporary Nigeria. In spite of this, hotel patronage is still regarded by many as indecent behavior as a result of traditional and religious beliefs notwithstanding the improvement in hotel facilities and services. Moreover, it is not empirically established if these facilities and services provided by hotel management in Nigeria influence leisure guests’ choice of hotels. To achieve these objectives and establish a framework of leisure guests’ choice of hotels, this study used multiple regression analysis to test the formulated hypotheses with the aid of SPSS Version 20.0 software at 5% level of significance. Findings from a convenience sample of 323 respondents who lodge in hotels in Awka metropolis, Anambra State, Nigeria show that the two factors investigated namely facilities and customer service influence leisure guests’ choice of hotels. More importantly, facilities have more influence than customer service. As a result, the study concludes that hotel patronage for leisure should not be seen as indecent behavior but as an avenue to scintillate consumer sense of adventure and imagination and help in boosting lifestyle and tourism in Nigeria. Finally, the study made recommendations to key stakeholders in the hotel industry.</p> 2023-03-21T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Logistics and Toursim International Research Journal