About the Journal

Logistics and Tourism International Research Journal (LTIRJ) is an international Peer Review Open access scholarly journal that published theoretical and evidence based findings in the broad scope of logistics, transportation and tourism. LTIRJ as a scientific Journal was created to provide a global forum for an exchange of scientific achievements and implementations in the field of logistics, management and marketing. It publishes original and challenging work that has a clear applicability to the business world. High quality contributions are therefore welcomed from both academics and professionals working in the field of logistics and supply chain management. Papers should further our understanding of logistics and supply chain management and make a significant original contribution to knowledge.

LTIRJ addresses the development of logistics resources, emphasising the implications that logistics strategies and systems have on organisational productivity and competitiveness in global and electronic markets. Globalisation of markets and logistics services is closely related to the success of a company. This perspective indicates the importance of effective logistics systems and their management for organisational effectiveness and competitiveness. The journal intends to provide executives and academics with the state of the art of logistics systems and supply chain management.

The main objective of the LTIRJ is to provide a platform for interaction between researchers and practitioners who are dealing with logistics systems and management. It also aims to promote and coordinate developments in the field of logistics systems and management. The global dimension is emphasised, with the objective of overcoming various cultural barriers and in turn of meeting the needs of technological and organisational changes in the global e-markets. The journal intends to provide executives and academics with the state of the art of logistics systems and supply chain management and also to facilitate the exchange of information about logistics systems and supply chain management among logistics researchers and practitioners.

LTIRJ acts as a vehicle to help professionals, academics and researchers, working in the field of logistics systems and management, to disseminate information and latest developments and to learn from each other’s research.

  • Logistics enterprise network
  • Logistical systems design/development/optimisation
  • Performance management, benchmarking
  • E-logistics, global logistics
  • Logistics information systems, ERP
  • Customer relationship management
  • Materials handling
  • Supply chain management
  • Warehouse management
  • Purchasing
  • Transport management
  • Supply chain management information
  • Inventory/demand management
  • Project/distribution management
  • Modelling and analysis
  • Managing and the Marketing
  • Mass Customisation, Order Postponement, Responsiveness
  • Logistics Conceptions and Strategies
  • Logistics Cost and Controlling
  • Logistics Education
  • Legal Regulations in Logistics
  • Procurement, E-commerce, E-auctions
  • Supplier Development
  • Supply chain performance management
  • Technique and Technology of the Logistic Infrastructure